Move from feeling overwhelmed to being empowered to heal your pain

Living with pelvic pain is hard in many ways beyond the pain itself. It's often isolating, frustrating, confusing and overwhelming. You might be wondering why the pain is there, what causes flares, and what would be truly effective in healing the pain so that you can do the things you want to do. You have lingering questions, despite attending many doctors appointments and trying several treatments. In this course, we offer a deeper knowledge of your pain condition. We also demonstrate an evidence-based, bio-psycho-social treatment approach that is the path to healing your pain.
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What you will gain from taking this course

Your energy and your time are precious and finite resources. You, not your pain should decide how you spend them

  • Empowerment through greater understanding of pain mechanics, your body, and your specific condition(s)

  • Time, money and emotional energy saved from searching for providers, putting yourself through fruitless tests and procedures, and looking for answers and solutions that don't fully address your pain

  • Therapeutic tools proven to help heal pain regardless of it's origins

  • A leg-up in navigating provider relationships to get the care you need and operating effectively in a medical system that struggles to meet the needs of people with chronic pain conditions

What you will learn from taking this course

The course is divided into 6 modules. Each module consists of videos and hands-on exercises to put your learning directly into practice

    1. Definitions and Key Concepts in Pelvic Pain

    2. Hands-On Exercise: [Re]Learning the Pain Scale

    3. Hands-On Exercise: Your Pain Story

    4. Module1 Hands-On Exercises: Using the Pain Scale & Your Pain Story

    1. Pelvic Anatomy: Vulvas, Vaginas, the Pelvic Floor and More

    2. Hands-On Exercise: Anatomy Exploration and Reflection

    3. Module 2 Hands-On Exercise: Anatomy Exploration and Reflection

    1. Pelvic Pain Types: Skin and Nerve

    2. Pelvic Pain Types: Muscle, Bladder, Bowel, Endo

    3. Hands-On Exercise: QISS TAPE

    4. Module 3 Hands-On Exercise: QISS TAPE

    1. Vulvar Care Guidelines: Context

    2. Vulvar Care Guidelines: Dos and Don'ts

    3. Hands-On Exercise: Vulvar Care Checklist

    4. Module 4 Hands-On Exercise: Vulvar Care Checklist

    1. Pelvic Pain Providers: OBGYN

    2. Pelvic Pain Providers: OBGYN2 - Asking Questions

    3. Pelvic Pain Providers: PTs and more

    4. Hands-On: Provider Directories & Case History

    5. Module 5 Hands-On: Pelvic Pain Provider Directories

    6. Module 5 Hands-On: Case History

Healing Pelvic Pain Course

  • $289.00
  • 30 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

Why you should learn from me

Dr. Anna Yam

Clinical Psychologist PSY27651

I learned about pelvic pain treatment from top experts in pelvic medicine and pelvic floor physical therapy. In this course, I distill information from over 6 years of clinical work helping women heal their pelvic pain. I am also no stranger to chronic pain. I draw on my own experience using the tools presented in this course, to help learners connect concepts with practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will this course be taught?

    This course allows students to go at their own pace. Video lessons include slides with video/voice teaching the material. There are also hands-on therapeutic exercises, which will build on concepts taught in the course and put them into practice.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    You will have access to the course indefinitely. As long as the course is hosted here on Thinkific, you will be able to revisit it time and time again. You will also have access to any and all updated course materials.

  • Do you offer refunds or a money back guarantee?

    It is my intention for you to have a valuable learning experience. If you are not satisfied with the course and feel you have not benefitted from the learning content, I will be glad to issue a refund. I greatly welcome your feedback, and when possible your feedback will inform future updates to the material. You will have lifetime access to any updates and improvements, as long as this course is hosted in Thinkific.

  • Is this course right for me?

    If you have a pelvic pain condition, odds are you would benefit from the information and hands-on work provided in this course. I encounter women at nearly all stages of their healing process and they all benefit from this information, and from doing this work.

Learn to heal your pain

Use the science-backed approach to treating pelvic pain, tailored to you and your life


This course is created for educational purposes and is not a substitute for direct medical services, including diagnostic assessment and/or psychotherapy. Purchase of this course does not establish a clinical relationship between the student and the instructor. This course mentions specific products; the instructor does not receive any commissions, or financial incentives from the manufacturers or purveyors of any product or products mentioned in the course.